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Sanctuary of the Guilty – Chapter 1 – The first terrible day

[purchase_link id=”1283″ text=”EBOOK DOWNLOAD – CHAPTER 1″ style=”button” color=”orange”]    To my old seminarian friends, and the times we spent together in that worn, cold seminary; its walls closing us into one small area of which I have so few

Sanctuary of the Guilty – chapter 5 – A night with the nuns

[purchase_link id=”1295″ text=”EBOOK DOWNLOAD – CHAPTER 5″ style=”button” color=”orange”]   CHAPTER 5 A NIGHT WITH THE NUNS When we left the refectory, I tried my best to keep to myself in the multitude of cassocks. I would have been fine

Sanctuary of the Guilty – Chapter 6 – Suicide

CHAPTER 6 SUICIDE I was plagued by a terrible conscience after my visit to the nuns. The balanced, mirthful state I’d been in at the base of the cross faded away instantly the moment I returned to the seminary and