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Love Unheard Of

At the time, I was writing a book about online dating, which led me to meet several girls per day to collect data, as they usually had plenty of shocking or amusing stories to tell me. I have to admit

The Clerical Engagement

 I sat in the depressing silence of my chamber and waited for my seminarian friend to arrive, so we could defy the sanctity of the practice of silence and go visit the nuns, who would get to through a dark

The Confession

I still had my cassock, and I still attended the seminary, when this most unusual situation occurred during one Sunday mass. Not long after I received my cassock, I felt a great need to listen to confessions even though I

My Little Dead Angel

To Szilvia Tóth, who couldn’t live to be twelve [purchase_link id=”1568″ text=”button” color=”orange” text=”EBOOK DOWNLOAD – COMPLETE” direct=”true”]   Searching for moment of peace in the raging storm of my life, I used to go to the graveyard of our

The Mystery of Rabbi Moishe

For my grandfather, who will forever remain in Auschwitz [purchase_link id=”1262″ style=”button” color=”orange” text=”EBOOK DOWNLOAD – COMPLETE” direct=”true”]   Black plumes of sooty smoke no longer rise from the long and twisted chimneys of the Auschwitz crematoriums. Weeds and grass

Sanctuary of the Guilty – Chapter 1 – The first terrible day

[purchase_link id=”1283″ text=”EBOOK DOWNLOAD – CHAPTER 1″ style=”button” color=”orange”]    To my old seminarian friends, and the times we spent together in that worn, cold seminary; its walls closing us into one small area of which I have so few

Sanctuary of the Guilty – chapter 5 – A night with the nuns

[purchase_link id=”1295″ text=”EBOOK DOWNLOAD – CHAPTER 5″ style=”button” color=”orange”]   CHAPTER 5 A NIGHT WITH THE NUNS When we left the refectory, I tried my best to keep to myself in the multitude of cassocks. I would have been fine

Sanctuary of the Guilty – Chapter 6 – Suicide

CHAPTER 6 SUICIDE I was plagued by a terrible conscience after my visit to the nuns. The balanced, mirthful state I’d been in at the base of the cross faded away instantly the moment I returned to the seminary and