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Sanctuary of the Guilty

The Sanctuary of the Guilty topped the Best Seller’s list in Europe. This book overtook Bridget Jones’s Diary by H. Fielding, The Lord Of The Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien and Imre Kertesz’s novel Fatelessness  which won a Nobel

My Little Late Love

Laszlo Malota’s first, semi-autobiographical novel, Sanctuary of the Guilty, had an undeniable impact on the literary scene and topped the bestseller list for a long time. He has earned the title of one of the most read Hungarian authors with

The Ungodly

  “I’m not afraid of persecution, ostracism, and I face those who threaten me. I’m not driven by vengeance, but the truth must be revealed. It’s not my goal to offend anyone’s beliefs. I admit that we have a need


“They tore off my black, holy clothes. I heard but no longer understood the word of God. I’d been outcast to the dim world of the night. I was among whores, pimps, and criminals, and I’d become a fugitive. I

The Women in My Life

The Women in My Life is a unique confession about certain things that no one has dared write about in such an open and straightforward way before. The book is enthralling and heartwarming for teenagers and adults alike. Secrets are

The Flavor of Blood

“This book is an endless thrill. It frightens, shocks, and appals. The spine-chilling story is full of twists and turns, surprises, and scares. It’s naturalistic, and occasionally terrifying, repulsive descriptions, allow us a glimpse inside the minds, thoughts, and souls

What I Shouldn’t Talk About

“The hall was empty; there wasn’t a soul in sight. Then I heard a strange sound like some animal whining in the distance. Most likely it was a cat or rat because that was the sort of dormitory I was

Innocent Angels

“I was nine years old when I had to go through that which every parent wants to protect their children from. The memory of that day will haunt me forever. The wound it left on my soul can never fully

Nights of Hope

“I consider Laszlo Malota to be the most talented contemporary Hungarian author. His original, ornate, and literate style grabs hold of us, whirls us, yet at the same time calms us. I found Nights of Hope to be the most

Joys of Days Gone By

Laszlo Malota captures the tragic circumstances of the interesting lives of lost family members with frightening authenticity. And he can sees the shadows of the dead who bear endless reminders of a past that can only be revived in our