The Ungodly

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“I’m not afraid of persecution, ostracism, and I face those who threaten me. I’m not driven by vengeance, but the truth must be revealed. It’s not my goal to offend anyone’s beliefs. I admit that we have a need for belief, so we can live in a humane way in these troubled times. My first book, Sanctuary of the Guilty, was based on my personal experiences of life in a seminary. Unfounded accusations, slander, and threats have come crashing down on me because of it. This book is my answer to them. If someone fights against something, he shouldn’t put up his hands in defeat at midway. The opinions of faithful, godfearing people can be found in this collection of reportage. They say, in their own words, why they have lost their faith in Catholic priests. They tell tales of lies, hypocrisy, clerical romances, abuse of church authority, and informers. Those who hear confession, yet they themselves should seek absolution from both God and man alike.“

Laszlo Malota